Osun Osun-Osogbo Cultural Festival: Orijin Thrills Residents

…Says youths must know their root, appreciate their culture

The need for the youth to know their root and appreciate their culture has been re-echoed.

This would help to transmit the African cultural heritage from one generation to the other, thereby preventing it from going into extinction.

This, according to the producer of Orijin, was why the company was adding glitz and glamour to the traditional Osun Osogbo festival with a blend of modern day entertainments.

The Osun-Osogbo Festival, which has earned its place on the world cultural calendar, drew thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Orijin, the leading alcoholic blend from African herbs and fruits, partnered with the Palace of the Ataoja of Osogbo to celebrate the annual festival while celebrating local youths and indigenous people who are true to their roots.

The 2-week festival saw local and international worshippers, devotees, spectators, and tourists join in deifying Ifa Arugba, Orun Odo, Ajigun, Ifa Agbalu and Ifa Dida in honour of the Osun River Goddess.

Meanwhile, in pursuit of its mandate to showcase Nigeria’s finest cultural heritage, Orijin, Nigeria’s number one herbal drink, was present to invigorate the potpourri of activities with Orijin Classic, Orijin Bitters, Orijin Tigernut & Ginger, Orijin Herbal Gin and Orijin Zero.

The festivities started a week before with Guinness Nigeria, makers of Orijin, paying a courtesy visit to the Palace of the Ataoja of Osogbo where beneficiaries were empowered to be their best via a presentation of N4,000,000 Grant.

This is driven at reaffirming its position as a truly committed company that supports Nigerian communities.

Roland Akpe, the Assistant Brand Manager, Mainstream Spirits portfolio, Guinness Nigeria, made an impressive remark at the Orijinal festival, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to celebrating culture and encouraging the consumers to keep staying true to their root.

This dedication was reflected in the beautiful branding of the Freedom Park of Osogbo which hosted indigenes and visitors to a night of thrills and orijinal experience as seen in the showcase of the beauty of Yoruba culture at the event with music, indigenous dance moves including the Bata dance, rhythmic Yoruba chants including Ewi, Ijala ode, Rara, etc.

There was also a raffle draw as well as an open mic contest for local talents which saw guests go home with amazing Gift items from Orijin ranging from Orijin products, electrical appliances, Food items such as Kegs of Vegetable oil, Bags of Rice, etc.

The night was crowned when colour, energy, taste, and orijinal flavour were injected into the traditional festivities as fuji music was served in its most original form by crowd favourites – Taye Currency who took the guests on a sweet journey of live fuji goodness.

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