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Ahmad Sani Yarima Pays Sympathy Visit To Seriki Hausa Shasha

The first Civilian Governor of Zamfara State, Senator Ahmad Sani (Yarima Bakura), on Thursday paid a sympathy visit to the Seriki Shasha, Oyo State, Alhaji Haruna Maiyasin Katsina over the avoidable violence, that erupted recently in the area.

Senator Ahmad Sani Yarima commiserated with all the people involved in the skirmishes and lost valuable personal belongings during the unfortunate mayhem.

The former Governor of Zamfara State sued for peace and cordial existence among the various stakeholders in Shasha Community of Oyo State, affirming that, they should see themselves as one big family, who should continue to live in peace for the overall good of the country, Nigeria.

He counseled residents of Shasha to put the incident behind them faster than it came and called on the Seriki Hausa of Shasha to bring back his people that left the community to continue irking out their means of livelihood without any fear or molestation.

He described the people of Oyo State as an accommodating and loving people, who are always ready to identify with all and sundry, no matter their ethnic groups.

Oyo State, Yarima said, is home for all, where there is no ethnic discrimination, but rather an environment of amity, concord and unfettered fellowship.

The Sariki Hausa of Shasha, Alhaji Haruna Maiyasin Katsina, thanked Senator Ahmad Sani Yarima for his nationalism, patriotism and love for the indivisibility of Nigeria.

He thanked him for finding the time out of his schedules to visit and commiserate with the Shasha Community.

Alhaji Katsina assured Senator Yarima, that everything possible would be done to ensure, that the age-long love and spirit of togetherness, that has existed between the different ethnic groups in the Shasha Community is fast restored.

He stressed that in Shasha “we are one big family of peaceful Nigerians first and foremost, who have mingled and inter-married, hence, there is no Hausa or Igbo in Shasha, but true Nigerians”.


Senator Sani Yarima on Friday, also joined other Nigerians at the 8th day Fidau prayer for late first civilian governor of Lagos State, Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande, whom he described as a nationalist par excellence.

He urged politicians to emulate Alhaj Lateef Jakande selfless service, commitment and resilience, through which he impacted immensely and positively on the lives of Lagosians .

Senator Yarima appreciated the enviable contributions of Alhaji Lateef Jakande in giving Lagos a solid foundation in the course of his four years of purposeful leadership of Lagos State.

He called for landmark immortalising of the guest son of Lagos, Nigeria and Africa, while he urged the political class in Lagos State to hold high his unstained flag of life more abundant to all

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