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Aregbesola vs Omisore again? By Akoni Oodua Ayeniromo

If memory did not fail me the last time i wrote on the character called Aregbesola was in November 2021. In the post i likened him to Donald Trump the immediate past and ever negatively controversial American president. Like Trump, Rauf too will always desperately scout for who to use as his pawn in his latest reckless efforts to recover his lost relevance in politics of Osun and Lagos. He does this by stirring needless controversies that always ended up in worsening the people’s perception of him as an unstable character.

As a strategy he will select someone that is obviously more relevant and respected than him for his attack. Where care is not taken by such unsuspecting target person the one derogatorily nicknamed as Itu Baba’ta will ensure that the target person and himself roll together in the dark murky waters of politics.

Lately, his attempt to roll in the mud with Mr Gboyega Oyetola the sitting governor failed him. Oyetola proved smarter, more matured and wiser. He made Aregbe ran back to his Abuja base with his tail hidden inbetween his hind limbs like a dog that is beaten by the rains will run back to his owner’s house.

Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, a thorough bred blood with military discipline combined was even wiser. He maturely ignored Rauf reckless outburst against him. Oyinlola was not cut for such. Oyinlola’s silence not only pained Baba Afusa but seriously exposed him to the people as a bad case.

His search for who to fight dirty next has taken him to Iyiola Omisore. The one someone described as irritant Rauf just did what he knows how best to do when he commented against Omisore.

At his adopted town of Ilesha during his APC membership revalidation exercise Rauf whom many Osunians still hold in their strong belief that he is culpable in the gruesome killings of Late Hassan Olajokun, Funso Williams and our own beloved Senator Isiaka Adeleke insinuated in his speech that Omisore was a murderer. He dubiously seek as ever that he( Rauf) be seen as the saint also the sole mourner of Late Chief Bola Ige. Recall on how Bola Ige’s name has always been good for him only at his times of campaigns and treachery like in the case at hand.

This might be too difficult for him to achieve this time around.The people are wiser now. They know the true story on how Ige was gruesomely murdered and the perpetrators. Besides, hasn’t it been said that those who seek equity must do so with clean hands. Whereas and unlike Rauf Aregbesola and the rest us it is only Senator Iyiola Omisore and a few others who went through court trials together with him that are so far no longer suspected persons in the murder of the Cisero of Esa Oke. Until the real killers are fished out all of us including and especially the likes of Aregbesola who has serial murder accusation fingers still pointed at him will remain the suspected persons.


Suffice the Nigeria’s current minister of interior be reminded on the urgent and important reasons he must keep his mouth shut also bury his head in shame at this time. The interior affairs of Nigeria has never before his appointment been this worse. It is to such that tongues are wagging in asking ” why always him?” In the opposite to the popular MTN slogan the people are saying about Rauf Aregbesola…..” Anywhere he goes” dooms betide. Nigerians won’t forget in a hurry that under Rauf as the chief superintendent we have had more jailbreaks across the land. High caliber prisoners particularly those that the people said were used by his political camps for nefarious acts in the past have been released incognito jailbreaks. Awon nuu Olohun nuu o.

Aregbesola never stopped amusing his audience when he said; although so so so type of people can join “our party”. Which is his or their party he was referring to? Where he sincerely forgot history suffice he be reminded. Omisore is not a major but a critical stakeholder in the project Alliance for Democracy (AD) that was to later metamorphosed into AC, ACN and now APC.

At those time that the idea of the party formation was being conceptualized and later formed in Omisore’s Hotel room at Abuja, moments when Iyiola single handedly made payment for the registration of the party where was this loud mouthed Rauf? Yes, we know him to be ordinary noise maker then. Between 1999 and 2001 when Afenifere meetings held at Late Baba Abraham Adesanya’s house at Ijebu Igbo Aregbesola, because he was just one of the Tinubu’s Alrai sirs Boys was always outside the meeting venue far outside the gate constituting his usual nuisance also creating funny and embarrassing scenes.

Meetings which always had in attendance Baba Adesanya, Chief Bola, Chief Bisi Akande, Tinubu, Niyi Adebayo, Omisore , Baba Fasoranti, Lam Adesina and a host of others too numerous to mention will deliberate on important national issues as it affects the Yorubas. Where was Aregbe then? Always outside the gate where the security people always restricted him and his likes.

Akoni Oodua Ayeniromo…this is not a fable but a true life story I know so well because I played important roles in it then.

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