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The attack on TUNS facilities has left one staff dead of gunshot wound and many injured


Abdul-Rasheed Olawale, a Personal Assistant to the company’s General Manager, Taofeek Badmus was reported to have died as a result of a gun shot wound sustained during the attack.


According to the general manager, Olawale “was attacked due to what we suspect that he could identify most of the looters and their instigators (we pray that the soul of the departed rest in peace)”.


“I regretfully inform that during the chaos my personal assistant Mr Abdul-Rasheed Olawale a young, vibrant, dedicated, and intelligent member of my team died as a result of a gun shot wound…”, the general manager said.


Recounting the experience, he said, ” the hoodlums broke into the facilities at about 8am Saturday 24th October, 2020 in search of palliatives and COVID-19 relief materials.


On their arrival, we made efforts to let them know that there was no Covid-19 pallialtive stored at our warehouses but rather some mosquitoes net were being stored by the Ministry of Health Osun which were been shared across the state.


“The situation took another dimension when they started to break into our other facilities which were our Biscuit production unit, Bakery and Further Processing Units, and our Bottled water facility where they carted away with our raw materials, finished products, gadgets, machines and valuable assets of the company”.


“Our members of staff who were sighted while attending to their duties were attacked, beating and seriously injured”.


“While we are yet to ascertain the final value of our losses and damages on the facilities as a whole, we had in stock over N150 million worth of finished goods & raw materials not taking into consideration damages of our machineries & equipments which were carted away, damages to building and other infrastructures are yet to be ascertained”.


Badmus reemphasize that no Government palliatives or COVID-19 relief materials were stored at TUNS facilities as all damages, looting and vandalism were properties of Tuns International Holdings.


“Our Chairman is known for his philanthropic gestures to Christians, Muslims, Male, Female, Old, Young, disabled and able body, and he has been doing same for his community for the past 40years, it’s therefore rather unfortunate that his companies which provides for about 700 workforce would be targeted for such barbaric act”.


The general manager thanked the indigenes of Osogbo who came to assist during the attack and also the Nigerian Army role for repelling calming the situation.

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