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Ilorin Seasonal Agony

Ilorin Seasonal Agony

While the Edo election roforo was going on, residents of Ilorin were subjected to agony by the  rain storm. In my  family house,at Poop Giwa, two buildings were affected 
— the ancient family building and my father’s building. 
This experience is becoming seasonal for most family in Ilorin. This year, many residents at various areas of Ilorin are counting their losses presently. I learnt two hawkers, who sought refuge from the torrent and furious rain,at the frontage of a house around Ita Ogunbo area, died. Their death was attributed to a flying container carried by the storm, which  collapsed on them. 
At other locations, there are reports of building collapses. The damages to those building go beyond repair,a rebuilding is necessary. 

I learnt the Deputy Governor later visited some of the affected areas. 
It is high time government provided the residents with some support beyond the usual palliative. It would seem some areas, due to location, are prone to this rain storm attack. In addition, there are obvious structural defects that would require experts advice. As the people go about carrying out repairs, they should be supported with necessary expert advice from relevant government agencies.

The other issue, is the impact of the rain storm on infrastructural facilities. The roads and electricity supply are the usual casualty. Electric poles are broken, cables that carried high tension currents are cut and laid, dangerously in the neighborhood. Electricity supply has been cut off for obvious reasons. The town is left in depressing spectacle. 
Obviously government can not just sustain the ritualistic palliative but a comprehensive audit of the situation will be required and public enlightenment as well. 
Meanwhile, what a storm, not even in this season of government-ASUU altercation. Well, back to the family.

Ilorin Seasonal Agony, the Rain Storm.

By Oba AbdulKadri La’ro
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