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LAUTECH Joint Ownership Dissolution: Makinde, Oyetola pledge to implement MoU

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State and his Osun State counterpart, Gboyega Oyetola have pledged to implement the Memorandum of Understanding, MoU they both signed on dissolution of LAUTECH joint ownership.

They said the resolution to dissolve joint ownership of LAUTECH was in the interest of the students, and the need to fulfil the original mandate of the institution.

The two Governors spoke on Monday when Oyetola was in his office, playing host to Makinde who said he was in Osogbo to thank his counterpart for the role played in resolving LAUTECH issue.

Governor Makinde assured Oyetola that students and workers of Osun extractions would continue to enjoy same privileges as their Oyo state counterparts in LAUTECH.

“What we’ve both done was in the Interest of our children that are the students over and above politics, partisanship and ego.

“But some people feel we have failed in the spirit of regional integration, in the spirit of oneness in the region, we should have been able to jointly manage the institution and I said that position was well thought out and lucid but they missed the point.

“The joint ownership over the years had become really challenging in terms of management and funding. We had to come together to resolve the problem that had lingered over a long time”, Makinde said.

He also acknowledged the role played by Oyetola which eventually helped in resolving LAUTECH issue.

“The age-long ownership tussle could not have been resolved without Governor Oyetola’s statemanship and commitment to unity and development.

“The problem started when it was APC, PDP government in Osun and Oyo State, later APC and APC but now it is APC and PDP that solved the problem.

“So, I came to Osun to thank Governor Oyetola, without him being a statesman we wouldn’t have been able to solve the problem. I also thank our father, Prof. Olu Aina. Several generations yet unborn will continue to appreciate the role played by all you.

“Now in LAUTECH, no Oyo forum, no Osun forum but LAUTECH Forum. But Osun and Oyo students will continue to have same privilege, there will be no discrimination. And to the naysayers, they should look for other things that will divide us, not politics, not party affiliation and not LAUTECH”

Speaking, Governor Oyetola said, some many factors were considered before taking the decision on the dissolution of the joint.

He however expressed confidence that Oyo State would stick to the Memorandum of Understanding, MoU signed by both States.

“Before we take the difficult but necessary decision we considered so many factors including the Overall interest of the state, the interest the students, the Welfare of staff of Osun extraction and the protection of the unity of Yoruba.

“Now Osun is out of Lautech but it is important for me to say that Osun fully discharged its responsibilities towards LAUTECH before it exited.

“In the spirit of the agreement, I look forward to the anticipated 12 month transition arrangement that will attention to all issues or otherwise that may be thrown up by separation of leadership.

“Your Excellency, Osun State has made a painful sacrifice to allow both States to move on, we expect and rely on your absolute good faith. In this regards, we count on you for prompt, complete and faithful implement of every trust entrenched in the MoU which you and I signed on behalf of the States, Oyetola said.

The National University Commission, NUC had last week announced the dissolution of joint ownership of LAUTECH by Osun and Oyo States.



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