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Mothers urged to monitor female children against underage pregnancy

Mothers have been urged to monitor female children being the most closest, in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies that is common among underage children.

A public speaker, Hajia Salatu Sule, gave the advice while delivering lecture on “Etiquette of Courtship in Islam”, a virtual lecture organised by the Obafemi Awolowo University Muslim Graduates’ Association (UNIFEMGA).

She explained the roles of mothers in educating their children on Islamic norms and values during upbringing in order to discuss the scope of mentoring on marriage issues.

She adopted the phrase “getting to know each other” to define courtship in the context of the discussion, saying that the period of getting to know each other should be characterized by Islamic etiquettes and rules between non Mahram relationship in Islam.

She maintained that courtship becomes a sin when it involves illicit and licentious behaviours of the intending couple.

“The intending couple must strictly obey the etiquettes of courtship in Islam by ensuring good intention, openness, truthfulness, fear of Allah and adherence to the practice of prophet Muhammad.

She specifically warned the intending couple seeking to know each other against the evil of what she called ‘virtual touching’ in which the prospective couple use indecent words and lewd images to communicate over the internet for discussion on matters not allowed for unmarried couples.

She also condemned body contact and seclusion of the intending couple in an isolated area all in the guise of knowing one another.

The national Vice President, UNIFEMGA, Dr. Barakat Raji, disclosed that the lecture, being the maiden one, focuses on having better Muslim homes.

She appreciated Dr. Lateefat Durosinmi and the national president, UNIFEMGA, Engr. Abdul-Fattah Olanlege for their efforts to ensure success of the programme.

She however, disclosed that the lecture will continue with public sensitisation to educate people on marriage.

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