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A peep into the books of our heroes past reveals their utmost desires for the beautiful ones to be born and conferred with the spoils of their heroic labours. It is no doubt that the beautiful ones are now born, looking at advancement in Information Communication Technology (ICT), everything now thrives on the use of Internet. The use of IoTs (Internet of Things) has served as a springboard to facilitate businesses globally and across all divides.

No doubt the human history is now enjoying the best of times. Advancement in scientific discoveries, manufacturing, medicine, enhanced yields in agricultural production despite not meeting required needs can only be the handy work of God. Oil which used to be a demigod is gradually loosing its pride of place, as some cars and major devices now run on solar, batteries and inverters. Time would not permit me to reel out full details with a mention of renewable energies that is changing the face of electricity generation and distribution globally.

With smart televisions, large 4k display boards, smart high tech devices and envisioned smart cities across the globe which abounds in many cities of the world. The new oil of the world which is on Android, IOS, IPads, IPhones and any other internet enabled devices (GOOGLE) has alter human history forever. With just a type of a desired keyword without being sure of what is on your mind, Google will definitely fill the void. I usually refer to it as OPON IFA (The Oracle’s Tray). This has no language restrictions, even if you consult an oracle in Yoruba land or any other tribe, you still require an interpreter to decipher the messages from the ‘gods’ but not for Google, all your requisitions are available in any language of your choice.

If I cannot point out any miracle of the 21st century, I can point at Google as one but I stand to be corrected because ‘I am just a student and I learn from my teachers everyday’. The fact that I can stay at any location in the world and Google directs my affairs is indeed mind blowing. There was a time I traveled and I hired a cab and the cab man became smart because I was a novice (Johnny Just Come) in that location he over charged me for a short journey after turning round few locations just to distract me. When I got to my location, I asked a friend how much a cab to his place should have cost me, I realised from our conversation that I have been cheated. He simply said ‘won ti gba e’ (you have been cheated). He said next time use Uber. When next I visited I turned on my Google map after hiring Uber taxi to know the distance, very easy and splendid. The rest is history, Uber became a reliable alibi since that time.

I also recollect when I went for my second master’s program, I met wonderful lecturers who are living encyclopedias. I was indeed afraid of surviving because other responsibilities like being a committed staff at my place of work, committed oko adeola (husband of adeola) lol… And a father of three (baba anjola for sure…lol…) with a tedious academic program without compromising my stance for excellent results. My heart became heavy! But one day I Google some of the topics we were being taught in class and a YouTube video popped up and that was it. I started watching videos upon videos to help me with wider perspectives on my program. The rest is history, God granted favour but I laboured to obtain the excellent results promised.

Growths and Advancements have been the hallmark of this 21st century no doubt but more disturbing is the lack of human capacity and development in attitude and character formation. Yes! The beautiful ones are now born and every developmental indices attests to this but values of the beautiful ones born in this dew season are full delusions and elephantiatic irrational disgusting furiants. With the best Mary Kay, some delusionment cannot be made up and best of fragrance do not cover some stinking shame of ignorance confidently expressed.

This is the age of reasoning not reasons, era of advancements not delusionment, season of facts not fictions, time for positive gains not scrambling for grains, period for bold steps and financial shares, not online shares with investments in likes and please share. If you are among the beautiful ones prophesied to be born, then investment in time would safe dime, you need to work to list your name among the beautiful ones like, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, Tommy Gibbons, Wyatt JozwowskiWu, Laura Behrens Wu, Sahil Arora, Nick Kullin, Nathan Barry, Iddo Gino, Mathilde Collin etc. Thank God they are under 30s and oldest is Google CEO who is 48 years old followed by Mark who is 36 years. They also abound in our country, if I mention them many might not believe they are legit with the reality of Yahoo Yahoo (Financial Fraud) in our society today.

The beautiful ones are born but inherited the uglier side of history that makes them unfit bride for the 21st century bridegroom. The beautiful ones are born but are failing to rewrite the ugly history of our society, they have modified corruption practices to be favour from God and made God a bail out when karma calls. The beautiful ones are born but the ugly attitudes of their forefathers resolute in their enclave. If there is any beauty in us, the beast without must be starved, else the beautiful and the beast will one day engage in a romance on the beautiful side of history then return with uglier children for the society to tend and feed. I praise ASA for the lines in one of her songs which reads:

“Oh, so little Lucy turns sixteen
And like the movie she’s been seeing
She has a lover in her daddy
She can’t tell nobody ’till she makes the evening news

For there is fire on the mountain
And nobody seems to be on the run
Oh, there is fire on the mountain top
And no one is a running, oh yes
One day the river will overflow
And there’ll be nowhere for us to go
And we will run, run
Wishing we had put out the fire, oh no…”

God bless Nigeria.

#Endbadgovernance #Nigeriamustriseagain

Olanrewaju Ajakaiye is a Publicist, Political Analyst and Social Commentator. He writes from Omuaran, Kwara State Nigeria.

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