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Osun and Segilola gold: Gov Adeleke has said nothing new – By Ismail Omipidan

About a year ago, the Governor Ademola Adeleke-led government claimed that Adegboyega Oyetola diverted the dividends accruing to the State from Segilola Mining firm. Till date, they have not provided any empirical evidence to ascertain their claim. This morning, I read another press statement from the state government, the fourth in the last 24 hours on various spurious claims, making it look as if they have uncovered something new. There’s nothing new in this.

It’s just a media gimmick. It’s on record that osun recorded the greatest leap in ease of doing business index, from 35th position on Ease of Doing business in 2018 to 15th position in 2021, because of the Oyetola’s administration support for new businesses.

Segilola worked cordially with the state for which the Oyetola government facilitated every waiver , permits required for their operations . It remains on record that Segilola was the only firm cleared by the Oyetola government to continue working all through the COVID-19 Lockdown period which birthed the current growth the company has witnessed .

The Segilola Mining firm has only briefed the government the same way it briefed Oyetola. As a responsible business entity, it is now time for Segilola to begin the payment of Osun’s dividends, a process that was initiated by Oyetola.

If the Osun government is sincere, how come it is finding it difficult to disclose to Osun citizens that the Adelekes have some share holdings in Segilola Mining firm. Also, why name the Chief of Staff to the governor, Hon. Kazeem Akinleye, who is one of those overseeing the Adelekes’ investments in Osun government and beyond as the State’s representative on the board of Segilola and not Prof. Lukman Jumoda, Special Adviser on Mining and Mineral Matters, if it had nothing to hide?

It is on record that it was Oyetola who made sense of Osun’s assets in the mining sector, where under his government, seven project streams evolved from its Osun Minerals Development Plan. But for the administration’s conscious efforts at developing the sector, Osun would have since lost all its 17 mining licences.

The Adeleke government should tell us the investors that have come in from Europe and Asia, going by their claim in November that the governor embarked on a working visit to Europe and Asia to woo investors.

Governor Adeleke should disclose to the people of Osun foreign investors his government has attracted to the state since 2022 when it was inaugurated.

What we want to see is substance, not gimmick. The government should sit down to face real governance, and stop running an empty media war against his predecessor.

Stop the gimmick, face governance.


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