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Osun PDP record-breaking suicidal mission: 4 state chairmen in 6 months! – By KOLA OLABISI

To say that this is not the best of times for the Osun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) based on the negative successive developments in the party cannot be an overstatement or hyperbolic statement invented to run down the party.

It is on record that the party which is metaphorically sick is bedridden at the Intensive Care Unit(ICT) of a political hospital where its correct diagnosis is yet to be ascertained.

While the stakeholders of the party are running helter-skelter to bail out the party from its life-threatening ailment, its lesser members and leg workers are bowing down their heads in utter confusion as the feelers from those who are endowed with political know-how are pointing to a situation that is devoid of redemption.

The concern of the right-thinking members of the society is that personal ferocious pursuit of the ambitions of the stakeholders of the Osun PDP is seriously compounding its life-threatening infirmity.

Within a period of six months, history has recorded it that the state PDP has succeeded in breaking an enviable record of producing four state chairmen which is an indication that all is not well with the major opposition party in the state.

Soji Adagunodo was removed in a questionable manner to pave way for his relatively unknown baker-deputy, Atidade, who relinquished his position as Acting State Chairman at the instance of a superior dictation from the party’s National Chairman, Uche Secondus, to one Sunday Bisi, the hitherto Ijesa-born State Publicity Secretary of the party.

All these state party executive rigmarolling took place within the last six months in the life of the Osun PDP.

The ceaseless efforts to produce an acceptable state chairman of the PDP in Osun State have broken the party into so many factions.

The authenticity of the PDP factionalisation can better be understood by whoever is constant and active on the social media.

To this extent, some of the existing factions of the PDP in Osun State as I type are: The Adeleke Dynasty faction; The Adagunodo/Wole Oke faction; The Akin Ogunbiyi faction; The Shuaib Oyedokun/Dr Olu Alabi faction among others.

Based on their posts in the social media, all the factions are always opposed to each other while there has been little or nothing to show that they share anything in common politically.

The prevailing situation in the Osun PDP is a superlative gain for the ruling party under the administration of the taciturn, workaholic, focused, suave, urbane and empathetic Governor Gboyega Oyetola.

In line with a popular proverb that ‘An antelope with a protruding scrotum is the joy of a hunter’, the state APC under the chairmanship of Prince Gboyega Famodun is waiting in the wing to further improve the fortune of the party in the state.

Prior to the booting out of Sunday Bisi by Justce Jide Falola at the Ikirun High Court yesterday, the grouse of some stakeholders of the PDP in the state had been what qualified Sunday Bisi for the position of a state party chairman when it was known to all and sundry that he did not issue up to four statements written by him to his credit since his occupation of the office of the party’s state Publicity Secretary in over two years?

Can someone who was passive and ineffective as the State Publicity Secretary of a political party successfully paddle the boat of such a party as its chief driver? This is a poser for all discerning and active political minds.

Others were saying that Sunday Bisi was brought in as a lackey to do an hatchet job for the emergence of Senator Ademola Adeleke as the next PDP candidate in the state.

Whatever may be the current plight of the PDP in Osun State, one thing that is clear is that it can never be a threat to the APC as it’s not sufficiently endowed to be.

It is on record that when the Osun PDP was intact and indivisible, the APC whipped it successfully; how much less now that it is heavily factionalised!

OLABISI is the Media Consultant to the Osun APC Chairman.

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