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Reno Omikiri’s Corner: Peter Obi’s reaction to President Tinubu’s free railway ride for Nigerians, 50% slash in transport costs for Yuletide

Reno Omokiri

Rather than Peter Obi to call President Bola Tinubu’s free railway ride for Nigerians and 50% slash in transport costs for the Yuletide a “spin to curry favour”, why can’t he, for once, be appreciative of something good? Where is Peter Obi’s own spin to curry favour with Nigerians, other than his constant lies and fake statistics?

At least the private sector transport operators, including some who operate in Anambra and are personally known to Peter Obi, have confirmed the deal and are already implementing it.

Why are Peter Obi and his Arise Peoples Party only happy when bad things happen in Nigeria and sad when good occurs? At the rate they are going, one hopes they will not start sponsoring people to sabotage our economy and security just to have something negative to be happy about.

All he and his Arise Peoples Party, plus his Obidients, know how to do is raise false alarms with fake statistics and then threaten, insult and abuse when right-thinking Nigerians refuse to buy into their delusions.



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