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Shobolabasa Day; hold Governor Dapo Abiodun responsible. 


Following a report published by Sun News on March 21st 2021 about how secondary school students in Ogun state organized a party tagged Shobolabasa Day, a sex party during which about four male students have sexual intercourse with a female student.

A public affairs commentator Azeem Salako have asked that the state Governor Mr. Dapo Abiodun should be held responsible for that unimaginable and peak of immorality among teenagers. Azeem Salako said this while on national television MITV, when he was guest of Tomisin Ojo on the popular Bumper Breakfast show.

He said although moral crises amongst secondary school students in Nigeria particularly in the government owned schools has been a perennial issue but the wild, weird and to say the audacious dimension it has taken in recent time in Ogun state is what has become unprecedented which now stand as a monster to future of the coming generation as well as the nation at large.

While reacting to the curiosity of his host, Azeem noted that there was nothing to be worried or surprised about. The state Governor, Mr Dapo Abiodun, who is currently the first citizen, and by social implication the father of all in Ogun state had sufficiently educate, inform, and instruct his (political) offspring on what it demands to be honored, celebrated and rewarded by the state. These children who are neither blind nor dumb were merely acting to type and manifesting the effect of political communication.

The Governor had last year rewarded Laycon, the winner of 2020 Big Brother Nija; a morally, pornographically, and sexually controversial program, barred and banned from airing on national television by the National broadcasting commission NBC but which was readily available to watch on social media.

Laycon in a grand state ceremony was rewarded with a humongous cash gift of five million naira, a choice of home, and appointed as the Ambassador for all the Youths in Ogun state; this by implication confers on his personality and what he has done to have remarkably won the Governor’s heart to be what all the youths from different divides (religious, education, cultural, business and entertainment) must emulate if they must claim and enjoy such prestigious honor, reward and recognition. Salako furthered noting that if one places this side by sides with one of the basic assumption of ‘elite theory’ which implied human as naturally in quest for wealth, honor and power; then nothing will be surprising, alarming, or shocking in what these students in Ogun state had recently turned into.

Azeem said it is unfortunate that citizens elect political leaders who have no idea and understanding of the concept of power, public offices and why their bearers must be sceptical and conservative in exercising them in the process of governance. What Mr Dapo Abiodun had done is without apology an arrant abuse use of office with legitimating immorality whereas it’s consequence cannot be unconnected with the said unceremonious and atrocious sexual party. To imagine the possibility of such aberration amongst secondary school students, is the same with the unbelievability of the dunce characters that saturates Nigeria political and public space, he concluded.

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