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Who Should The NCC Protect? A South African Company, Like MTN – By Reno Omokiri

Reno Omokiri

How can the Nigerian Communications Commission partially bar Glo lines from calling MTN lines over a so-called unpaid interconnectivity charges? Who should the NCC protect? A South African company, like MTN, that puts downward pressure on the Naira by repatriating its profits from Nigeria to South Africa, or a Nigerian company, like Globacom that helps the Naira grow by keeping its revenue and profits in Nigeria?

How can President Bola Tinubu tolerate this? Would President Cyril Ramaphosa allow the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa to move against a South African company in favour of a Nigerian firm under the same circumstances?

Unless we take a Nigerian-first approach to our economic, diplomatic and civic policies, neither our Naira nor our national reputation will rise. I urge those around the President to intervene to stop this action, which is against the economic interest of Nigeria.

If President Tinubu can intervene in the Wike-Fubara feud, then this is a more worthy scenario for his immediate intervention. Glo must be protected, projected, and promoted, as it is one Nigerian firm that positively affects our economy and national pride.

Previous administrations intervened to help Nigerian conglomerates, line the Dangote Group and OandO. This administration ought to continue this positive tradition.

Reno Omokri



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