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The Yoruba will not walk out of Nigeria

By Lucy Adegbe.

I was young in 1967 when the Yorubas met in Ibadan to deliberate and articulate their position on the future of Nigeria. The meeting took place shortly after the release of Chief Awolowo and the other 9 jailed with him from various prisons across Nigeria in which they were locked in.

Taking care of Awo at the Calabar prison who as Police Officer was Chief Fente of Ogolomabiri in Nembe, Bayelsa. I have visited his tomb and that of his wife, the mother of Chief Professor Fente. I am also grateful to Chief Feghabo, the Chairman of Nembe Council of Chiefs who presented me with a bottle of wine in his house and gifts at the Teri Paka of his sister. The 1967 Ibadan summit of the Yorubas was presided over by Chief Awolowo and at that summit, Awolowo was elected the Asiwaju of the Yorubas, the only person so elected till date signalling an end to the Yoruba fractious behaviour. And for the first time, the whole Yoruba race, starting from Lokoja (Katunga) to Jebba (Bode Saadu) to Ogori Magogo, to Ososo, Lampese in Akoko Edo, up to Jekiri (Itsekiri) down to Lagos were United as a fist.

At the conference, Chief Awolowo made the statement which was interpreted as a statement of support by a section of the country ‘if, by commission or omission, the East is allowed to go, the West will follow”. At the Yoruba summit, the Yorubas made demands on the Gowon led Federal Government.

1: All non-Yoruba troops must leave
the West;
2: The West must not be used as a
launchpad against the East.
Gowon complied. The Midwest, now Edo and Delta and the Yorubaland were never used to launch a war on the Eastern Region until the Biafran army invaded the Midwest through Asaba and threatened Ore through Ohosu/Ofosu.

The second event that turned the tide of opinion in the WEST against the EAST was the spate of bombings carried out in Lagos on critical infrastructures like Carter Bridge and Casino Cinema, Ebute-Meta by one Ugwu who tried to drag Yorubaland into the impending war.

While Lagos is Yoruba, Midwest till date remains part of Yoruba geopolitical area of influence. It is apposite at this point to mention that an Ebubedike who represented Badagry Division in the Western Region House of Assembly was responsible for the breaking of the mace and the shout of fire, fire in the house, a percussor to the crises in the West.

At the end of the Yoruba summit, Chief AWOLOWO went on a peace shuttle to the East. He led a delegation that included Chief Demas Akpore, the then immediate past Governor of Midwest and Professor Sam Aluko. At the Awo meeting with Ojukwu, Ojukwu said that no force in black Africa can defeat Biafra, “Because of the demand of Yorubas led by Chief Awolowo and the belief that the contest was purely between allies who are now enemies, the shooting war started in Otukpa near OboloAfor in today’s Ebonyi and Gakem near Ogoja in today’s Cross River State and not from West or Midwest.

On the Nigerian side, the battle was led by Major General Mohammed Mohammed Shuwa and from Calabar and Bonny by ADEKUNLE, the black scorpion. While Adekunle’s father was Yoruba from Ogbomoso, the mother was Bachama from today’s Adamawa. Colonel Madiebo who in Kaduna along with Ojukwu in Kano sabotaged the January 1966 highly popular Nzeogu coup led the Biafran side with Hilary Njoku as the Chief of Staff of the Biafran Army. Within 90 days of the war, the Nigerian Army had entered Enugu and cleared most of what is called Cross River today and established presence in Port Harcourt. When Ojukwu made his pronouncement of ‘no force in black Africa can defeat Biafra, he did not reckon with the followings:

1: A hostile minority whose land
mass is 3times larger than his own
core 28,000km2 area;
2: That his territory was dependent
on the currency of his adversary
for his military hardware
3: His core area lack of access to the
sea or any international borders;
4: His lack of food and basic needs.

The situation has not changed till today.
When Nigeria changed its currency, created States, created a no flying zone, cleared the food basket areas of Ogoja, Abakaliki, Uguleri and Umuleri, the war was over and was continued out of pride which imposed a lot of suffering on the Biafran populace. The defeat of Biafra was blamed by the Biafrans on Awo and by extension the Yorubas, instead of Biafrans taking responsibility for Ojukwu’s lack of strategic planning on how to achieve victory. While the North led Federal Government had clear
eye on how to achieve victory, the Biafrans had none.

To assuage the feelings of the Yorubas, Ironsi failed to release Awo and his associates, but with his advisers busy on how to impose hegemony on the rest of the country. Ironsi had 7 months to release Awo but failed. Gowon on his part, within 30days of becoming Head of State, released Awo and his associates, provided presidential jet that conveyed Awo from Calabar to Lagos and personally met Awo at the Presidential wing of the Ikeja Airport. With that strategic thinking though simple on the surface, Gowon got the critical support of the Yorubas. People like Anele, a Professor of philosophy at Unilag and Chinua Achebe have always been critical of the Yorubas and Awo for supporting Gowon and the Federal cause. But the same Anele and Achebe failed to criticize their people’s leadership who are incapable of sustaining political marriages.

Between 1959 and 1966 Anele, Chinua Achebe and their people’s leadership married to the North, excised the Midwest out of the West in 1963, have the entire Yoruba political leadership roped into treasonable felony charges and jailed in1963, wreaked havoc on the economy of the West, sowed discord among the Yorubas and in 1965 broke the political alliance it had with the West, the same way it could not sustain a filial relationship with the North.

But they are incapable of accepting responsibility for the collapse of Biafra which included Ojukwu’s distrust of his fellow Nigerian Army Officers of Igbo extraction whom he incarcerated most of the time and the political leaders he sent into exile. Biafra was a creation of hubris and fear of loss of power by Ojukwu. But the Yorubas unwarrantedly have to be blamed and the entire Yoruba race and leaders labelled as traitors. I have asked repeatedly for the Igbos or Easterners to produce a transcript of the agreement the Yoruba leadership signed with the Ibos or Easterners to support their secession bid/plot. None has been produced till today. The reason, there is none. But there are propaganda and blackmail in abundance.

This propaganda and blackmail of Yorubas as traitors have been passed down from generation to generation. It is similar to the allegation that Yorubas are cowards as if there is a war they fought against the Yorubas and won. And what was the result of the war they fought against the Federal Government between 1967 and 1970? The Eastern leadership broke every agreement the West reached with them. For example in 1964, with the entire critical political leadership of the West in confinement, the ACTION GROUP of the West formed an alliance with the Eastern-led NCNC to boycott the 1964 general elections. While the West kept to the agreement and election was boycotted in the West, the East broke it and an election was held in the East.

Balewa returned as Prime Minister and Zik returned as titular/ceremonial President. It was the Northern-led Federal Government of Gowon that approached Awo and the West for an alliance. The critical Yoruba leadership studied it along with its military wing, gave conditions which were accepted by the Northern-led Gowon government and the Yorubas provided the intellectual platform for the prosecution of the war when it became inevitable.

In 1979, the East returned to their filial relationship with the North. Zik named himself the beautiful bride. By this appellation, Zik turned his people to a woman that runs from one relationship to another for gratification. The relationship helped stabilise Shagari’s government and by extension saved Ekwueme. By 1981, there was a messy divorce, they ran to the Yorubas for another marriage which produced UPGA.

The marriage again collapsed and the 1984 coup took place and no further jumping from one relationship to the other. In 1999 they pitched their tent with PDP of the North because of lack of political platform they could call theirs. The West created its own political platform called, the Alliance for Democracy to decide their destiny. They jumped again and created APGA and PPA. Ojukwu and APGA begged for life and PPA with two states under its belt patricidially killed and they returned to PDP. In 2011, they adopted Jonathan as their son (remember Jonathan adopting ‘Ebele’ and ‘Azikiwe’, for his candidature to have an Igbo semblance).

In 2015, APGA broke into two and 1/ 2 joined Yoruba-led APC while the remaining half gasped for life.
The West, the South-South and the North remain consistent. In 2015, a third political alliance between the liberal West and the conservative North produced Osibanjo and hell was let loose.

In 1993, the Yorubas at the height of the June 12/Abiola crises held another summit in Ibadan where it was reiterated that Yorubas will remain in Nigeria but ordered Yoruba Ministers like Ebenezer Babatope, Victoria Osomo, Lateef Jakande etc to resign from the Abacha government. Their refusal in spite of their previous brilliant performance and aides to Awo led to their being consigned to political oblivion. In 2013, the Yorubas held their third political summit at Adamasingba Stadium in Ibadan. Present as observers at the summit were the leadership of Ohaneze and the Ijaws led by Edwin Clark. In the communique produced after the summit, the Yorubas still reiterated their position of ONE NIGERIA. I have gone to this length because of statements emanating from the East alleging support for some amorphous groups agitating for the Oduduwa Republic. Such support is an exercise in futility.

Take it to the bank. YORUBAS WILL NOT LEAVE NIGERIA AND THERE WILL BE NO YORUBA REPUBLIC AND IF THERE IS GOING TO BE ONE, THE SEPARATION WILL BE ON MUTUAL TERMS. We are not against any part of Nigeria that seeks to secede but we shall not be dragged to their grudges and grievances.
We have fought 100-year old civil wars in Yorubaland, some of which are called KIRIJI WAR, IJAIYE WAR, JALUMI WAR. To put an end to the ceaseless wars, the Alaafin then invited the British and an armistice was signed at Igbajo.

Yorubaland was not conquered by the British or colonised by force of arms. It was colonisation by mutual agreement. The Ibadan Army and Ekiti parapo Army combined were over 400,000, bigger than any war prosecuting army of the British. We do not want war on our land. We reserve the right to protect our youths. If that gives us the label of cowards, it is not a new invention. THE YORUBAS WILL NOT LEAVE NIGERIA.
Let me also say it loud and clear, ‘Yorubas will have a Presidential Candidate for 2023. We will not dash our right to persons or groups of persons on the altar of undeserved or unmerited sentiments of “it is our turn”.

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Osun’s maladministration: When will Dr. Deji Adeleke address that press conference? By Ismail Omipidan



Ademola and Deji Adeleke

*Osun’s maladministration: When will Dr. Deji Adeleke address that press conference?*

*By Ismail Omipidan*

The popular saying, ‘Promises are like babies: easy to make, hard to deliver’ appears apt in situating the promise made in July last year by a business mogul and elder brother of current Osun Governor, Dr. Deji Adeleke, that he would be the first to address the press if his brother, Ademola Adeleke, derails in the administration of the state.

Ordinarily, if this unprovoked, unsolicited and solemn promise was made at any of the political gatherings, I probably would not have bothered to keep tab on it, let alone bring it to the knowledge of the public. But because it was made in an academic environment that does not tolerate frivolous claims, I feel duty bound to take Dr. Deji Adeleke to task on this matter. And if after today, he is unable to provide any credible and verifiable evidence as to why he is yet to address the press, I will never take him seriously again on any serious state matter.

I will also mobilise every right-thinking and discerning Osun citizen, every lover of liberty, democracy and free speech, every well wisher for Osun’s posterity, never to trust and believe Dr. Deji Adeleke again.

But if he decides to justify his criminal silence over the way Osun is currently being run and insist that the governor, his younger brother, is doing well, I would excuse him, since, like me, he is equally entitled to his opinion. I will only remind him that while comments are free, facts are indeed sacred.

To move forward, we must remind ourselves where we are coming from. It is time to think beyond party lines, and think Osun first, if indeed we are desirous of having a changed society.

I believe that it is not too late for Dr. Deji Adeleke to prevail on his brother to reconsider some of his administration’s bad policies and missteps that have become challenges to Osun and its people.

One of the challenges the State appears to be grappling with is the issue of Osun’s share of the Federal Government palliatives, which I addressed in my interview on Monday. After the interview went viral, instead of addressing the issues raised, the governor’s spokesperson, Olawale Rasheed, and some of his media handlers resorted to personal attacks. In fact, one of them called me a foreigner, simply because I was born in Benue State and had to work in the north before I was invited by my Principal, Adegboyega Oyetola, to join his team in 2019. Well, I am proud of my birth place, just as I am equally proud of my Ila Orangun origin.

In the interview under reference, I queried why Osun remains the only State in the South West that has not allowed the FG palliatives to impact on the people of the State, including the workers.

Interestingly, it took them several months after pocketing the funds before they admitted that they even received any fund. At the “Ipade Imole” held last month, the governor disclosed that the N2billion palliative fund received from the Federal Government would be spent on three projects, namely the purchase of additional buses to complement the buses in the pool of the state, the rehabilitation of health centres in the state and the purchase of food items for distribution to the people of the state. The government made it emphatically clear that there would not be any addition to workers’ salaries.

But after my Monday interview, I was embarrassingly surprised to wake up to a circular this morning, signed by Sunday Olugbenga Fadele, a Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Human Resources and Capacity Building. He revealed that workers in the service of the state would get a N15,000 wage award while pensioners would receive N10,000 and that the wage award will run for six months, beginning from the month of December. This is a welcome development and this is what we have been asking them to do since August this year.

However, I have a push back. Why give approval on November 28 and then set effective date in December? If the money is available, why the delay in disbursement? Again, at what point did the government change its mind? This is what I said about telling lies in public and political communications. For me, this latest summersault appears to vindicate my position on Monday that Osun workers are not smiling. I am sure they’ll wish for a better deal than what it is getting from the dancing and singing Governor, who unfortunately was not around on Monday to show the people of the state what he knows how to do best.

Well, as Osun citizens, whether you are for the PDP or APC, it is in our collective interest for the government to succeed. God forbid, if it fails, we will all pay dearly for it. Our state will pay for it and our children will never forgive Dr. Deji Adeleke and all those who collaborated to unleash an adult who had little or no working experience, on us in Osun to manage our affairs.

Osun must survive beyond APC and PDP, and we all must play our part if we truly want Osun to survive.

Omipidan writes from Abuja.

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Osun: Adeleke’s government and reign of unchecked impunity By Waheed Adekunle



Saying impunity has become pervasive in Osun, a state once known as ‘State of the Virtuous’ is to say the least of the reigning illegality, unlawfulness and flagrant disobedience to the rule of law in the last one year of the current administration of Governor Ademola Adeleke.

In what appears ridiculous, appalling, nauseating, embarrassing and repulsive, the appointment, confirmation and installation of the card-carrying member and die-hard loyalist of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as the Chairman of the state electoral umpire – Osun State Independent Electoral Commission (OSIEC) by Governor Adeleke led-government in the state had cleared all doubt that the state government is poised to get anything done, regardless of the illegality attached to it.

There’s no doubting the fact that the incumbent government has been glowing and blossoming in the pool of impunity, selfishly engraved in carte blanche since its inception in November last year.

A critical understanding of the happenings within the government circle since the emergence of Governor Adeleke would clear any sense of doubt and give an insight into the manifestation of the unchecked impunity that has become the order-of-the-day

The leadership style of the Governor as manifested in his inward and outward dispositions to governance is a pointer to the reign of impunity, abuse of power and flagrant disobedience to the rule of law overtime.

The inherent era of impunity that has become a ‘norm’ within the political circle and ruling class in the state, is perceived by many as a political maladroitness, repugnant and horrendous – far from logic, rational thinking and basic reasoning.

The menace which is now a ‘cancerous tumour’ to socio-economic growth and development of the state largely draws public attention when the Governor arbitrarily announced the dissolution of the members of the State Statutory Commissions and subsequently inaugurated his own people for same positions.

Starting on a revenge voyage and vengeful mission, the administration had left no one in doubt, the extent of its imminent expedition and total departure from the existing blueprint propounded by the successive governments; the decision, that is not only illogical or irrational but one far from proper reasoning and the propensities have now become a monster difficult to uproot.

Recall that the Adeleke’s government began with the declaration of diabolical Executive Orders targeted at suppressing the system, and permanently silencing the roared voices of the notable individuals perceived to serve as a clog in the wheel of its self-serving motives.

From the purposeless obnoxious Executive Orders to palpable malfeasance and ill-heartedness vis-a-vis its attendant ubiquitous display of impunity, the wheel of the state has been drifting off in retrogressive backwardness in the last twelve months.

It is on record that the Adeleke’s administration, having unlawfully distilled, suspended and ultimately dissolved the University of Ilesa Governing Council constituted by his predecessor, still went ahead to constitute a Review Committee with a view to unraveling what was perceived hidden in the conduct of the disbanded Council.

Though, the Adeleke’s reasons for the dissolution of the existing Governing Council as well as his self-serving conviction for constituting his own is not only untenable but amounts to unlawfulness and flagrant display of impunity going by the way and manner at which the exercise was carried out.

Governor Adeleke had erroneously appointed Professor Ashaolu Taiwo as the Chairman of the Ad-hoc Review Committee on Ilesa University to review the guidelines of the Implementation Committee constituted by his predecessor, the decision which was taken in contrary to the known extant laws governing Nigerian universities.

Sequel to this, precisely on 13th of May, 2023, the governor announced the appointment of the same Professor Ashaolu Taiwo as the pioneer Vice Chancellor of the Ivory tower without any official report of the Ad-hoc Review Committee being chaired by the same person to have properly informed the citizens on their findings.

No doubt, the government’s manipulative gimmick was to ease out members of the Project Technical and Implementation Committee and install its stooges as done in the case of the VC.

However, the appointment of the Chairman of the Ad-hoc Review Committee as the Vice Chancellor was not only an aberration but an abuse of power and political summersault in the art of governance going by the extant laws.

Knowing full well that former Governor Adegboyega Oyetola inaugurated the Governing Council for Ilesa University, ably led by the former Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole, before the expiration of his tenure, of what benefit was the disbandment of the Council and appointment of another set of people as members of the Council by the Adeleke’s government?

The funniest part of the government’s decision was noticed when the Review Committee failed to make public its report but instead, jostling for the leadership positions of the University as seen in the case of the appointed VC which is in contrary to the extant laws governing the affairs of the universities in Nigeria.

Constitutionally, it is crystal clear from the provisions of the law that the appointment of a Vice Chancellor is the statutory responsibility of the Governing Council of any university.

Section (4) stipulates that: ‘The Council shall select and appoint as the Vice Chancellor one candidate from among the three candidates recommended to it under section (3) of this section and thereafter inform the Visitor i.e (President or Governor as the case may be)’.

Once the appointment has been made, by the Council, it is legally binding and effective without any input from either the President in the case of Federal University or Governor in the case of State University. The latter has no direct role to play in such appointment. The law only requires the Governing Council to inform him (President or Governor) of the appointment after the Council has made the appointment. It is for him to approve. The law doesn’t require him to do anything about the appointment.

From the above constitutional analysis, it can be easily inferred that in whatever way, any appointment of a Vice Chancellor made by the Governor like in the case of Osun, without recourse to the Governing Council is a breach of the extant laws and therefore patently illegal, null and void.

Ditto the execution of some roads that were not budgeted for in the state by the incumbent government, contrary to the dictates of the State Public Procurement Laws, 2015.

It is on record that some of the roads that were embarked on by the Adeleke’s administration were not captured in the 2023 Budget and there was no budgetary allocation for such, infact, there was no any record of supplementary budget as at the time some of those projects were being executed not until recently after works had begun on many of the projects that the state government presented supplementary budget to the State Assembly and even attempted to call for the bidding of a contract that had long been awarded.

Section 23 (1) Governing Rules on Public Procurement of Osun State Public Procurement Laws states that: ” Subject to the exceptions under this Law, all procurements carried out by any procuring entity shall be governed by the following rules: (a) open competitive bidding using clearly defined criteria, and offering to every interested bidder with equal information and opportunities to offer the works, goods and services needed.”

Paragraph (b) states that: “promotion of competition, economy, efficiency and equal opportunities to all parties who are eligible and qualified to participate in public contracts.” Paragraph (c) of the same law stipulates that: “executing in an effective, efficient, transparent, timely, equitable manner to ensure accountability which shall conform with the provisions of this Law and its Regulations with the aim of achieving value for money and fullness of purpose.”

While Paragraph (g) states that: “procurement plans shall be supported by prior budgetary appropriation; no procurement proceeding shall be formalized until the procuring entity has ensured that funds are budgeted and appropriated to meet the obligation.”

Subsection (2) states that: “all regulations, procedures and timelines to be prescribed pursuant to this Law and specified by the Agency from time to time shall always conform to the provisions of paragraphs (a)-(g) of subsection (1).

Evidently, all the aforementioned constitutional provisions were flagrantly flouted as at the time many of the awarded roads were being executed. Even the Commissioner for Information, Kolapo Alimi alluded to this on a radio programme where he admitted due process infractions on the ongoing construction of Akoda-Ede Oke-Gada Ede to Ofatedo-Prime area Osogbo dual carriage road, but argued that the move was based on the urgency.

It is disheartening that many of the roads being constructed in Ede in particular and the state in general were neither taken through Due Process nor part of the existing Budget inherited by the Adeleke’s government.

The ongoing construction of the dual-carriage road from Akoda-Ede/Oke-Gada Ede/Ofatedo/Prime area in Osogbo was glaringly not part of the existing Budget and there was no instance where the government came up with supplementary budget or presented same to the House as at the time the project commenced.

Similarly, both Statutory and Non-statutory members of boards and commissions appointed under the administration of former Governor Oyetola were arbitrarily disbanded as new members were appointed by the Adeleke’s government.

The affected boards are: Osun State Civil Service Commission, Osun State Judicial Service Commission, Osun State Independent Electoral Commission, Osun State House of Assembly Commission, Uniosun, Unilesa, Ospoly, Oscotech, Osun State College of Education, Ila-Orangun, Ilesa College of Health Technology, Local Government Service Commission, Hospital Management Board, State Universal Basic Education Board, OSBC, Pilgrims Welfare Boards, Tescom, Osun Council for Art and Cultural, Osun Tourism Board, Osun Internal Revenue, Osun Water Corporation and Osun State Local Government Education Authority (LGEAs) respectively.

It is quite unfortunate that the state government could take its impunity too far to the extent of disbanding the Statutory Commissions contrary to Sections 197, 198 and 201 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

According to section 197 (1) (a-c) “there shall be established for each State of the Federation the following bodies, namely- State Civil Service Commission; State Independent Electoral Commission; and State Judicial Service Commission.”

Section 197 (3) states that: “the Governor shall conform with the provisions of section 14(4) of this Constitution in appointing chairmen and members of boards and governing bodies of statutory corporations and companies in which the government of the state has controlling shares or interests and councils of universities, colleges and other institutions of higher learning.”

Also, Section 201 (1) stipulates that: “any person holding any of the offices to which this section applies shall not be removed from that office by the Governor of that State acting on an address supported by two-thirds majority of the House of Assembly of the State praying that he be so removed for inability to discharge the functions of the office (whether arising from infirmity of mind or body or any other case) or for misconduct.

Going by the aforementioned constitutional provisions, it is crystal clear that the state government erred in laws establishing the commissions.

Also, another bizarre move that appears irrational, illogical, overbearing and flagrant abuse of power, was the initial approval of the arbitrary suspension of the Chief Judge of the State, Justice Adepele Ojo by the Governor over alleged gross misconduct and abuse of office last week before same was stylishly and technically reversed.

The law is clear as to the appointment, discipline and removal of any judge. No Governor under whatever guise has such power to fire any sitting judge let alone a Chief Judge of the State.

For instance, Chapter 7. Part 4. Section 292 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria states: (1) a judicial officer shall not be removed from his office or appointment before his age of retirement except in the following circumstances:

a). In the case of
i). Chief Justice of Nigeria, President of the Court of Appeal, Chief Judge of the Federal High Court, Chief Judge of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Grand Kadi of the Sharia Court of Appeal of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and President, Customary Court of Appeal of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, by the President acting on an address supported by two-thirds majority of the Senate.

ii). Chief Judge of a State, Grand Kadi of a Sharia Court of Appeal or President of a Customary Court of Appeal of a State, by the Governor acting on an address supported by two-thirds majority of the House of Assembly of the State, praying that he be so removed for his inability to discharge the functions of his office or appointment (whether arising from infirmity of mind or of body) or for misconduct or contravention of the Code of Conduct;

b). In any case, other than those to which paragraph (a) of this subsection applies, by the President or, as the case may be, the Governor acting on the recommendation of the National Judicial Council that the judicial officer be so removed for his inability to discharge the functions of his office or appointment (whether arising from infirmity of mind or of body) or for misconduct or contravention of the Code of Conduct.

Besides, separate Supreme Court verdicts had affirmed the NJC as the only body, constitutionally empowered to investigate and recommend sanctions for judges.

The questions to ask are, under which constitutional provisions did Governor Adeleke gave his consent to the suspension of the Chief Judge on the recommendation of the House of Assembly in the first place before its reversal? Was the Governor and his legal aides not aware of the provisions of sections 4, 5 and 6 that stated clearly the powers limitations of the Arms of Government to prevent undue interferences in whatever form? Is he (Governor) not in the know that the NJC is the only body that could investigate and recommend sanctions for judges as affirmed by the Supreme Court in the recent similar cases?

It is unambiguous that a state government can not discipline, sanction or sack the Chief Judge of a state without recourse to the NJC as erroneously and ignorantly done by the Adeleke led-government. And if Adeleke claimed to have informed the NJC, as he later claimed, why didn’t he wait for the body to investigate the accused before assenting to her removal in the first instance?

This action could be best described as a display of ineptitude, incompetence, ignorance and lack of administrative acumen and governance prowess to administer the affairs of a state like Osun.

Assuming without conceding that there was a dilemma in the case of the CJ, what is the responsibility of the Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice who is the Chief Custodian of the Laws in the State? The dispositions afterwards showed that they lack the requisite knowlege as he himself authored an arrant statement justifying the illegal act previously taken by the government.

There is no doubt in the fact that the incumbent government has taken Osun to the map of ridicule in the comity of states due to the way and manner her affairs are being managed under the ‘Dancing Governor’ in the last one year.

The House of Assembly has become a ready-made instrument in the hand of the Executive as it is not only rubber-stamping whatever comes before it but giving illegal backing to whatever that comes from the executive in violation of the principles of separation of powers and doctrine of checks and balances.

One would wonder if the House comprising 26 members did not know the limitations of their constitutional powers to have hidden under oversight functions of interfering in the affairs of an independent arm (Judiciary).

Though the whole scenario is a ‘good riddance to bad rubbish’ as it further exposes the government the more and shows clearly the rots in the system, it is impunity of the highest order being perpetrated by the ruling class.

If it were to be in a saner clime, government officials would have taken cognisance of the similar cases in Sokoto, Rivers and Kwara states respectively vis-a-vis the Supreme Court verdicts in that regards.

As much as discerning citizens are passionately disappointed at the current situation in the state, the respite is in the fact that no one can give what he or she doesn’t have let a lone a government that is erected on the pillar of hypocrisy, falsehood and propaganda.

The due process was deliberately jettisoned by the two arms to pave way for their sinister motives and hatchet jobs just for political reasons. Posterity beckons, and the discerning citizens are taking copiously the record of events under the current administration.

Fingers shall continue to be crossed. Truth shall continue to be told. Sanctity and legality shall continue to be defended. Discerning minds shall continue to watch painstakingly and meticulously, and as well study unfolding events as government continues to administer the affairs of the state.

The end would definitely justify the means as our dear state strives to be rescued from the shackles of retrogressive backwardness.

May God heal our land!

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Osun APC Chairman Calls For United Party, Describes Unity As Impetus To Regain Power



The Osun State Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Sooko Tajudeen Lawal has called on members of the party to remain united.

Lawal described unity among members of APC in Osun State as the impetus for the party to regain power from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

He state these at a sensitization programmes for members of the party at Ilesa East and Ilesa West local government secretariats of the party.

The APC chairman urged members of the party who are aggrieved to bury their hatchet for the party to move on and have great outing in the future elections in the State.

He said “we’re going round all local government in the State to sensitise our members on the need to remain united. We want peace to reign in our party. We want to reorganise our party because our party is the party the people of Osun State want. They now realise that the present government has nothing to offer.

Speaking, the former Speaker of Osun State House of Assembly, Hon. Timothy Owoeye urged members to be ready to work for the party to be successful in 2026 gubernatorial election.

He seized the opportunity to take a swipe at the present PDP administration in the State, saying they have got nothing to show in the last one year at the helm of affairs.

“Were it not for our members who worked against the party, the party would still remain in power.

“The women and youths are the mainstay of the party. We will give them more chance to participate fully in the affairs of the party because they are so important. The State Exco must ensure that where we have rancour all over the state must be settled.

“The electorate have seen the difference between APC and PDP. In terms of governance and administration, PDP is Zero. We cannot compare APC administration with PDP poor performance of the PDP, for almost a year now, they do not have anything to show. We believe that they don’t have anything to offer the State” Owoeye stated.

In separate interviews, a former federal lawmaker, Hon. Lawrence Ayeni and a former commissioner for works in Osun State, Hon. Oluremi Omowaye said the leadership of the party decided to galvanize party members and reawaken their spirit to take back power in Osun State in spite of the recent challenges.

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