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Socio-economic Challenges: US based Gospel Singer Calls For Prayers

Evangelist John Kola-Idowu

…dedicates Songs of Psalms 1-150 to Christian community

A US based gospel singer, Evangelist John Kola-Idowu has emphasised the need to support government at all levels in Nigeria with prayers.

He said the spate of insecurity and growing economic challenges facing the country require the powers of prayers to break the sackles.

Evangelist Idowu spoke on Wednesday in Osogbo at a press conference ahead of the lunch of “Orin Dafidi” Live Concert slated to hold on 6th of April, 2024 at Freude’s Place, 23 Ikorodu Road, Wasimi, Maryland Ikeja, Lagos between 3pm – 9pm.

He said Nigeria as a nation needs wisdom of Solomon and spiritual guidance for healing of the land in this time of sociopolitical and economic challenges.

“As we gather here today to dedicate the songs of Psalms 1-150 to the Christian faith, we are reminded of the power of prayer and the importance of lifting up our nation, Nigeria, in times of need. In the midst of challenges and uncertainties, we turn to the timeless wisdom and spiritual guidance found
within the Psalms to intercede for our beloved country.

“Nigeria, like many nations, faces a myriad of social, economic, and political challenges. Yet, in the face of adversity, we are called to unite in prayer, seeking divine intervention and guidance for the betterment of our land and its people.

“The Psalms themselves are filled with prayers for guidance, protection, and deliverance, echoing the cries of the faithful throughout history. As we dedicate these sacred songs to the Christian community, let us also dedicate our prayers to Nigeria, fervently seeking God’s mercy, healing, and peace upon our nation.

“Let us pray for unity among our people, regardless of tribe, religion, or background. Let us pray for our
leaders, that they may govern with wisdom, justice, and integrity. Let us pray for the vulnerable and marginalized, that they may find comfort and support in their time of need.

“But above all, let us pray for a renewed spirit of love, compassion, and reconciliation to permeate every
corner of our nation, fostering understanding and harmony among all its inhabitants,” Evangelist Idowu said.

He added “As we lift our voices in prayer, may we be reminded of the words of Psalm 33:12, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” May Nigeria be blessed abundantly as we commit ourselves to fervent prayer and faithful action in the service of our country and its people.

“Nigerians should use the Psalm dedication to pray against the insecurity and for the recovery of our economy. Let us harness the power of prayer not only for spiritual upliftment but also for the tangible transformation of our nation’s circumstances.”

Fielding questions from journalists, Evangelist Idowu said as much as the nation needs to pray, efforts must also be made towards developing the nation and building confidence in Nigerians.

On the “Japa syndrome”, the gospel singer advised the youth to believe in themselves, discover themselves and work on their mission toward greatness, saying there is a lot of potentials for greatness in the country.

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