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Former Governorship Candidate Berates Gov. Oyebanji Over Fresh Appointments

Adeyinka Ali

The Candidate of Action People’s Party (App) in the 2022 Governorship election in Ekiti state, Prince Adeyinka Alli has described the fresh appointments made by Governor Biodun Oyebanji of Ekiti state as a waste of the state’s scarce resources with no benefit to the good people of the state.

Prince Alli who stated this during a chat with Journalists in Ado Ekiti also observed that the appointments are political and has no economic benefit to the residents of Ekiti state and questioned the rationale behind the fresh appointments by a state struggling in all parameters used to measure development.


Alli noted that Oyebanji is blindfolded by sycophants, saying such appointments will create mirage for the state which is currently struggling from economic paralysis.

He thereby urged the state’s helmsman to use the federal allocation to develop the state and lift its people out of poverty.

He said, “The recent appointments of over 150 people by the government of Ekiti led by governor Oyebanji is a waste of Ekiti resources, political rather than economical which is the present need of the state.

“The appointments are of no benefits for Ekiti and her people in generality because Ekiti is still among the poorest states in the country despite its endowments.

“The governor is losing focus by surrounding himself with praise singers. Ekiti is now getting multiple of what it used to get as federal allocation.

“This is more than any governor has ever gotten in Ekiti. I expect the governor to log into this rare opportunity of fat federal allocation and lift Ekiti out of poverty and desist from “chop make I chop” kind of government.

“The government is not opening up the economy of the state. Instead, it further affirms that Ekiti remains a civil servant state that only depends on federal allocation.

“Appointing plenty spokesperson (SA, SSA, etc) at the expense of a poor state like ours would only be creating mirage, no tangible development, but they would only be magnifying/ dressing of projects of past government to either complete it or commission it as if though it’s an achievement of this government.

“Ekiti deserves more from you, Mr Governor. We are not close yet, let alone being there.”


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